organic circular clothing

grown & made in Europe

Organic: 0% chemical treatment, no coloring, good for your skin, good for our planet.

It’s not just a T-Shirt.
It’s a manifestation of a vision,
to put the planet and people before profit.
A declaration of fairness, consciousness and compassion.

- Silas Kutschmann

Your impact with every purchase

  • Made in Europe with <3

    Through our clothing we are connected with the hearts and hands of the people who made them.

    We source and make our T-Shirts from organic fiber to finished product in a radius of 1800 km.

    Greece ▸ Hungary ▸ Switzerland.

  • Keeping it in the loop

    Your cloudburst T-Shirts can be reused for new products after it is worn out!

    You can also compost it, but sending it back to us, for reusing is actually better for the planet and you will be rewarded on your next order too! :)

  • Our name has a reason

    20% of the gross profit of each product you buy, is collected and stored in our virtual cloud.

    From our cloud, the money rains down like a cloudburst🌦️(Wolkenbruch), on carefully selected humanitarian projects of charities, every 4 months.

conscious pieces

Have a look behind the scenes:

  1. arrived

    Our first shipment arrived! The birth of our first product line.

    December 9, 2022 was a very memorable day for us, as after many months of product design and business planning our first 550 T-Shirts have finally ...
  2. We made it! Our crowdfunding on

    We made it! Our crowdfunding on

    The story how we raised 23K CHF with your help!
  3. Our bond with the European textile industry

    Our bond with the European textile industry

    By operating a fully European supply chain we can avoid a lot of worldwide cargo shipping, meaning a lot less CO2 and other pollutants enter our b...
  4. our [tree-free][circular] packaging design

    our [tree-free][circular] packaging design

    Learn more about our packaging design, we love little mighty details which have a great impact on our footprint.

Our mission is to make organic, circular and fair clothes the new normal. Through this, together we generate a real and positive impact on our planet and on human life.

The people behind cloudburst

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