our [tree-free][circular] packaging design

our [tree-free][circular] packaging design

We are kind of obsessed with details, we are carefully designing every aspect of our business to be circular and impactful without compromise.

We designed a packaging which is completely plastic-free and 99.8% 🤓 tree-free, it means we help avoid trees to be cut down to produce our packaging or print materials. We believe small details make a big difference, imagine how many square kilometers of forrest could be preserved, if e-commerce players collectively decided to part ways with traditional «tree based» packaging. 

We are sourcing virgin-tree-free papers made of the regenerative fibres of grass (EU), hemp (EU), sugarcane-waste (LATAM) and 100% recycled paper (EU).

The only 0.2% of our packaging which has virgin tree-paper content is our shipping label. It has a non-toxic and compostable adhesive sticker but it had to be made out of fresh paper fibers which we could not avoid. 

After our research and development, (mostly Ben was nerding out on this one 😄) we are super happy to ship for you in a 100% compostable / plastic free packaging which is also circular: fit for our Swiss paper recycling system.


- Szilvi