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Nice to meet you! ūüĎčūüŹĽ

We are a¬†crowdfunded, impact first clothing start-up, based just outside of Z√ľrich, at the feet of Uetliberg. We develop and produce products that help change our patterns of consumption for the better, protect our planet and raise money for people in need.¬†

Szilvia Kiss, co-founder

Szilvi graduated as a Labour and social security expert and worked in the field of project and event management. She always had a passion for textiles since her family worked in the Hungarian textile industry for 2 generations. Through her network we have valuable connections to the Hungarian Textile Industry.

In her spare time, she likes to sew and make macramé creations. She has a passion for specialty coffee and enjoys making sourdough bread and pastries.

Ben Kiss, co-founder

Ben is a business school graduate. He is a big fan and follower of the circular economy and impact first / social business movement. He has a background in sales and web-development.

In his free-time he is kinda working, living out his passion for nature and design.
Yes, seriously, he loves researching bio-design topics, scouting on new circular product ideas and nerding out on sustainability, design and tech. 

Botond Csiby-Gindele, design

Botond holds a Master of Arts degree coming from the sphere of graphic and textile design. He recently received the Design Award of The 2023 Transylvanian Design Week for his interdisciplinary concept which is crossing heritage and contemporary textile design technologies.

Boti is not just an amazing designer and illustrator, he is a fantastic goat farmer too! Raising nearly 30 goats on his farm in Transylvania, making delicious organic cheese from their milk.

Silas Kutschmann, content creation

Silas has a Master in Arts & Music and supports us with his brilliant content creation brain for social media and the web. He is also responsible for product campaign shootings!

He does many awesome creative stuff in his spare time, but foremost, he is a very talented electro-soul musician, singer, songwriter! You can catch him performing live, one of his concerts! His artist name is Elijah Tamou! 

Susanne Zambo-Kiss, strategic partnerships

Susi is law student and has a background in sales and project management, she is part-time supporting our team with tasks around production and operation. Since she lives in Burgenland, Austria, very close to our main Hungarian production site.

She spends all her free time with her little daughter. But whenever she can, she  loves roller-skating, ice-skating, ski-ing, and e-bikeing around on the hills of Burgenland. 

Martha, R√©ka, Justin, Jo√ęl, Advisory Board


We are very fortunate to have an advisory board with brilliant people from the spheres of E-Commerce, PR, Social Business and Impact measurement. 

cloudburst=[DE: Wolkenbruch, Platzregen] phonetically: [klaudbörst]

A cloudburst is basically a big amount of rainfall in a short period of time.
We are fascinated by nature, we think it's amazing how clouds are transporting and circulating life-giving water all around the globe, making life possible. 

Our brandname, cloudburst is also the symbol of our social business approach:

As vapour particles gather, they condense to form a beautiful cloud. Then, as they reach a good density, they rain down, nourishing fresh water.

At cloudburst, we aim to form a cloud of charitable donations. After every purchase from our store we gather funds in our virtually generated cloud and let the money rain down just as nourishing rain on different charitable organisations, 3 times a year.

Every purchase makes our cloud grow, 20% of the gross profits of every sold item is going to be collected in our cloud.

With your purchase you are making the cloud grow and helping people in need receive vital donations.


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