Actually, why does this page even exist?

We are intentionally kind of challenging the status quo by revealing our material sources, factories and cost structure, which are «normally» business secrets to gain advantage on the competition.

We believe sharing this knowledge is not only possibly interesting for you, our curious customer surfing through our transparency page, (it's super cool that you are here! 🙌🏼) but also for other brands. If an other clothing company is inspired by our concept to produce and source from Europe with circularity and social responsibility in mind, we are happy!

A part of our missions at cloudburst is to help make the European textile industry shine again and spread the consciousness for circular, ethical and regional supply chains.

If more customers look after this matter, like you do and more brands consider producing with social responsibility and circularity in mind, only then can be a system change achieved for a better future! 

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Sourcing organic raw materials from Europe is pretty rare because it is around 4 times more expensive than from Asia.

We believe it is a special and awesome feeling to own a piece of garment which is fairly and regionally made in Europe.

organic cotton raw material:
📍Thessaly, Greece, Selected Textiles S.A.
[GOTS database entry]

organic cotton sewing thread:
📍Augsburg, Germany, AMANN & Söhne GmbH & Co KG
[cradle to cradle® database entry]

organic cotton flag label:
📍Bretnig, Germany, FSE Franz Schäfer Etiketten GmbH
[OEKOTEX entry]

biodegradable screen-printing ink:
📍 Sevelen, Switzerland, Textil Color AG
[cradle to cradle® database entry]


yarn spun
📍 Fársala, Greece, Selected Textiles S.A.
[GOTS database entry]

fabric round-knitted
📍Békéscsaba, Hungary, Umato Knitwear Manufacturing Ltd.
[GOTS database entry]

fabric washed and steamed
📍Tahitótfalu, Hungary, Simitex Kft.
[GOTS database entry]

T-Shirt tailored, sewn, screenprinted, finished
📍 Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungary, Pampress Kft.
[OEKOTEX® database entry]

donation impact

Your purchase in our webshop is also a donation.
It supports charities that are doing essential humanitarian work in the world.

20% of every product’s gross margin before variable costs, is donated directly to our cloud, from where the money rains down on people in need, every four months.

The remaining profit is covering the B2B, D2C mark-up, customer acquisition, and all the variable and monthly running costs and expenses of our company, like IT-Infrastructure, accounting, marketing costs, office rent, payroll, insurances and other overhead costs.

You might wonder why we chose
to give away from our gross profits?
Check out our FAQs to learn more.

This is how we calculate our donation impact:

We sell our T-Shirt for 69.00 CHF We generate a gross profit of 26.30 CHF per T-Shirt. 20% of this - 5.20 CHF is going in to the cloud. The Remaining 42.70 CHF is covering the cost of good: raw material, manufacturing, shipping, zoll and B2B / D2C mark up covering: costumer acquisition, the B2B margin and all different other costs of running a business in Kanton Zürich.🙃

You can make the cloud grow!

Currently, we have 2903 CHF in our cloud which will rain down as a cloudburst on The Save The Children Emergency Fund.

We strive do business with utmost integrity and transparency driven by planet-consciousness and fair trade values, rather than profit maximising, greed and destructive efficiency.