your impact

with cloudburst, you generate a triple impact: social¹ + environmental² + charitable³.

1: social impact by a local supply-chain

Your purchase is upholding many cherished and fair workplaces in the European textile industry.

Most of the textile jobs in Europe are in danger since almost all brands produce in south/east asia to maximise profit at all cost.

The ✨good news ✨ is that the production of our T-Shirts is supporting at least 27 precious people in Greece and Hungary to keep their profession!

The picture above shows some of the amazing workers, who work on our T-Shirt production. It is remarkable how much care and love goes in to the production of a textile product!

Find out more about the European textile industry and our co-founder Szilvi's personal link to it, in our behind the scenes journal.

2: circularity

Just as our nature does, we have to think and act in circles too, this is the only way we can make sure we are not causing harm, only nourishment to planet earth.

We developed a concept of 3 pillars to make our products circular by design.

1. repairability

2. give back system for reusing

3. compostability

check out our circularity subpage to learn more about how you can positively impact our planet through our circularity concept.

3: We are called cloudburst®
for a reason!

Every purchase has a special purpose.

20% of the gross profit of each product you buy is collected in our virtual cloud.

With every purchase your make, the cloud gets bigger and bigger and 3 times a year the money raised, rains down like a cloudburst (Wolkenbruch / Platzregen) on people in need, through carefully selected, specific humanitarian projects of charities.

Check out our transparency subpage to learn more about this aspect of your impact.