Where others see waste, we see new opportunities.

Our circularity by design approach:

Our planet is not wasting anything. Every matter and organism has a purpose. The idea of reuse, recycle, regenerate comes from nature. We believe we have to subordinate ourselves to nature, not causing any ham to her, only nourishment. Just like every other creature on the planet.

We design our clothes to be long-lasting and circular. They are mono-material, organic and bio-degradable, by this they are easy to repair, reuse and even regenerate=compost.

Our 3 pillars:


1: repair

Loved clothes last. We believe that clothes that are worth wearing are also worth repairing. Every little patch / repair mark can tell a special story. :-) Using and loving your products as long as possible is the best for the planet.

In your customer account you will find resources that inspire and help you to love and repair your products!

One of the projects we encourage everyone to check out is:

#fixingfashion by one army

2: give back / reusing

As soon as you want to part ways with your cloudburst clothes, you can let us know through your customer log in and we can recollect your old products, so we can make new products out of them.

You will be rewarded with a discount code of of up to 10% on your next purchase. For more information check by in your customer account.

Since we only use organic and non toxic materials for our production. We can easily reuse / remanufacture old cloudburst clothes. In Portugal, France and soon in Winterthur there are factories who are happy to buy our s can make valueble new yarn out of organic raw materials.

3: compostability

We intentionally only source organic and regenerative natural textiles from Europe. We don’t use petroleum based (plastic) sewing and embroidery threads or chemically treated textiles, so our products can be fit a for a biological cycle (=composting), leaving behind no toxic and non-biodegradable remains if they somehow end up in nature, only nourishment for the soil.


As of March 2023 our T-Shirts have 99.8% compostable components with the exception of 1 part.

The T-Shirt's neck ribbing collars have around 5% Elastan for longevity and flexibility (we are currently working on it, to get our hands on biodegradable Elastan πŸ™ŒπŸ») but until then if you choose to home compost your t-shirt, please cut this part away and dispose it a regular bin, so no micro-plastic ends up in our soil.