• OVERSIZED | oak
  • OVERSIZED | oak
  • OVERSIZED | oak
  • OVERSIZED | oak
  • OVERSIZED | oak
  • OVERSIZED | oak
  • OVERSIZED | oak
  • botanical colour


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Your exclusive T-Shirt, hand dyed with oak tree tannin.
An oversized cut, a leisure-fit Tee for comfortable everydays.

From raw material to finished product all made in Europe.
Dyed with love in Bern. Designed to be long-lasting and circular.

Noah is 183 cm wearing an OVERSIZED L
Diego is 181 cm wearing an OVERSIZED M 

- 168 gsm, lightweight, round-knitted jersey
- certified greek organic cotton fabric
- hand-dyed with organic natural materials in Bern
- soft as a cloud and healthy for your skin
- pre-washed


- biodegradable imprint: with sizing, impact and care information
- cloudburst flaglabel: organic cotton 

Your care prolongs the product's life-time and impact!
Wear it, love it, treat it well. ♥

These are our recommendations to protect the amazing botanical color of your T-Shirt.

  1. Avoid aluminium-based deodorants: Aluminium in deodorants can react with natural dyes, causing dark stains.
  2. Washing: Wash your naturally-dyed T-shirts on 30-40°C in the machine or by hand. 
  3. Gentle detergents: Use eco-friendly or mild detergents, preferably olive oil-based fine laundry detergents or a gentle soap.
  4. Dissolve detergent before use: Never add or pour detergent directly onto the fabric. Always dissolve it in water before using it for washing.
  5. No bleach or harsh chemicals: Avoid using bleach and strong stain removers on naturally-dyed fabrics.
  6. Expect natural fading: Over time, the color may fade slightly due to light and washing, which can add to the garment's unique character.
  7. Handle acid spills carefully: Immediately rinse any acidic substances (like lemon juice) from the fabric with water and gently blot the area.
  8. Dry in shade: Avoid direct sunlight when drying to preserve the color. Avoid tumble drying. 

By following these guidelines, you can help ensure the longevity and continued beauty of your naturally-dyed cloudburst T-shirt.

You can open & download our sizing guide pdf here.

- cotton farmed organically in Thessaly, Greece
- yarn spun in Fársala, Greece
- fabric round-knitted in Békéscsaba, Hungary
- fabric washed and steamed in Tahi, Hungary
- T-Shirt tailored, sewn, screenprinted, finished in Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungary
- T-Shirt hand dyed in Bern, Switzerland by Botanitex GmbH


organically farmed, ethically made from fibre to finished product in Europe, within a radius of 1800km.

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Keeping your product in the loop is the best for our planet and your eco-footprint too!

To make this happen we have 3 solutions for you!

1. Repair

2. Our give back system

3. Compostabilty

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5.2 CHF of this product is donated to the Save The Children Switzerland Emergency Fund

soft as a cloud, circular by design, not treated chemically, healthy for your skin and our planet, ethically made in Europe,